Environmental Policy

Access Chemicals Ltd is a UK manufacturer and distributor of industrial and janitorial chemical preparations. The company is fully committed to the continual improvement of its environmental performance and to pollution prevention through the development and maintenance of an environmental management systemand by identifying key objectives and targets. In pursuance of this aim, Access Chemicals Ltd will:
• Comply with all environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements relevant to our business.
• Strive to prevent pollution through manufacture and storage process systems.
• Minimise waste through the reuse and recycling of process waste.
• Minimise waste through the reuse and recycling of packaging wherever possible.
• Make our customers aware of packaging recycling possibilities and encourage this through the use of a reuse practice.
• Ensure the efficient use of recourses, by reviewing manufacture process and frequency and making practical changes when necessary.
• Maintain effective controls to reduce the risk of fire and spillages.

This will be achieved through our environmental management system and communicating, through appropriate training, to our employees and contractors and other interested parties the importance of environmental performance improvement and that the contribution by everyone is essential in achieving this goal.